Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Connected

Get connected
It's been almost a month since I sat down and wrote something on my blog, which seems completely out of character for me. I really enjoy writing my blog because it serves as a positive way for me to get my thoughts on paper and reconnect with people. I realize that this is simply a financial blog and not supposed to be all about my day to day life, but there are times when the themes that I choose seem to link up rather directly with what is going on with me. In this entry, I really want to focus on the message of connectedness.

The other day I received a text from my brother that said he felt the rest of our family wasn't staying as connected as we should be and although at first I was a little hurt, but I have to admit, I agree with him. I haven't really talked much in my blog about how I live thousands of miles away from my family, so I certainly struggle with being away from all the simple things in life such as a dinner with them, or even just sitting down for coffee with a family member and chatting away the afternoon.  So this random text I received also brought me back to what I tell myself every year when I get back from holidays with my family: "I will make more of an effort to contact my family". It's something I think about a lot. My family and I were always very close growing up, and whenever I am back in town, my family makes the time for me to see them as much as possible.

My computer finally killed itself. 
All that has been going on seems to link up to other things that have been happening in this past month since I last wrote on here. A few weeks ago, my computer died. As in, it's processed its last blog entry, which is ok because I always back up all o f my information.  But that hit me with a new financial challenge that I need to get myself prepared for. It's funny how much I rely on my computer to keep me connected to everyone when all I really need to do is just pick up the phone and talk to them. It really can be that simple. I know that my family supports me, but what am I doing lately to support them?

A few weeks ago, my partner and I started doing a workshop to help us take our yoga off the mat and into the world. What that really means is that we need to find ways to bring that sense of kindness and compassion and share it with the people around us. A big part of what we have been focussed on is finding our true potential and figuring out our life purpose which will in the end, bring us closer to our community and truly help benefit the world. This doesn't have to be something on a grand scale like building homes for poor people in other countries, but it can be as micro as being there for your friends and family in helping them be the best people that they can be.

What keeps resonating in my mind is the word, connected. My days are brighter when I feel connections with others and when I'm living on purpose. I really want to start rebuilding my support network and helping others at the same time. I know that this blog can really be a tool to do just that. While going through this workshop, I got reminded of what I studied psychology for, and that was to help people in some capacity. Now I feel that my talents could help people with achieving goals and paying down debt. I seem to have developed a knack for getting my debt paid off in rapidly, so I am toying with the idea that maybe I should become a personal financial planner. But you see, these are the types of conversations I need to have with my family members and friends to really hear what they think to help me develop the best strategy possible for achieving my true potential.

The big question is: HOW do I reconnect with everyone? There are numerous ways to get connected, and build up a support network, and in this day and age, we have no excuse for not connecting with one another. Start with something as simple as a phone call. If your friend or family member is busy, then call them again when it works for you both. Send an email, letter, or text, no matter how silly you may think it is. Even if they don't respond, you're still making an effort and they will start to think more about you all the time. Remember that support works two ways. Don't always make everything about you, and remember to listen to your friends and family as well.

In some of my past entries, I really emphasized how important a support network can be to help you achieve your goals, and I know that I have let it slide a little, I am promising to get more connected with my friends and family and less connected with my computer and television. I think that now that spring is around the corner, it can inspire a new sense of optimism which I plan on taking full advantage of!

10,000 Hits! Amazing!
In other news, I now have over 10,000 views of my blog! How crazy is that? I'm not even using any advertising other than word of mouth so I need to thank you all for sharing my rantings with your friends. If you have anything that you want me to talk about that you think I may be missing here on this blog, don't hesitate to let me know. I am here to faithfully serve my loyal readers!

See you next week! 


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