Friends Who Blog!

If you love delicious treats, my friend Caitlin is quickly filling a recipe box full of incredibly delicious recipes for your baking pleasure. Her blog includes fabulous photos, honest critiques of her own work, and outside the box baking. Not to mention the odd hilarious snarky comment or the appearance of her roommate/sidekick/partner in crime! I strongly recommend that you check her blog: Bake What Your Momma Gave You! You will love these recipes, I promise! P.S. I designed her banner - jealous? 

My friends Andy and Trung left for the journey of a lifetime across the globe and are doing incredibly wonderful things while they are away! Andy is documenting their every move and making it incredibly entertaining and hilarious to read along with. I didn't think it was possible for another blogger to write more in a blog entry than I could, let alone maintain it while travelling around the globe, but somehow Andy has managed to keep the reader engaged and feeling incredibly envious! Follow Andy and Trung's journey HERE

Nadine and I met years ago back when I was living in Saskatchewan and we would just a couple of crazy party hearty kids! Well now she's got her very own incredibly ambitious blog called Go See Make & Do. Her blog has a bit of everything for the 20'something like me who loves to do many activities that normally appeal to an older demographic. Fortunately for me, those are the kinds of activities I love as well and her scrapbooking skills are supreme! Nadine writes this clever blog with effortless grace, and her ideas are certainly inspiring for the long term domestic or the up and coming creative monsters! She's even been featured in the Republic of Bacon for one of her amazing creations. I love her "would I make it again" tagline at the end of the recipes too. Check it out!

There's more of you guys to mention, I know! Don't worry, you'll be featured on here soon enough! 

Vive la blog!