Sunday, January 15, 2012

Short and Sweet

Today has been incredibly productive. I cleaned my room like a mad man, hung some pictures, did 5 loads of laundry, and it’s not even supper time yet! These days are great because you feel good about accomplishing lots of tasks and the whole time you barely need to spend any money (except for the $4 per load for laundry – seriously).

All in all, this week has passed really well. I am still loving language training and not having to deal with any work situations. My stress levels are at a new low because I have been able to relax, do lots of yoga, and finally get caught up on my chores. 

The other added element that is making this time away from work feel so fruitful is that I have given up drinking alcohol for the entire month of January since I returned from my holidays. The savings alone are phenomenal! Instead of buying 2 beers at the bar, I was able to buy a new broom which I needed so badly. Not only that, I was able to go out to a couple restaurants with friends and spend under $20 (including tip) for my meals. It makes me happy to know that I can still have fun with my friends on a very limited budget AND without drinking.

All this 'no drinking' stuff is getting me set up for the big day that I completely pay off my credit card and have a party to celebrate! I have a bottle of vodka that I have been waiting to drink for that exact moment. The bottle was one of the last things that I had bought on my credit card before the big debt repayment process, so I thought it would be fitting to make myself wait to drink it until I have my credit card completely paid off! Not only will that celebration be about paying off that card, but also to celebrate my halfway mark accomplishment.

I’ll try give you guys a better entry later this week with more details about how I’ve been getting on this month!

Damn this process feels good! What are you waiting for?

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