Monday, May 23, 2011

Check Out My Tools!

For this post, I am making a promise to myself – again. This entry is going to be a short one; nothing too long and hard with hidden sexual innuendos in it; more tight and to the point. When I started this website, the plan was to have all sorts of helpful tools for you guys to help you achieve the awesome success that I intend to achieve. Alas, the tabs have remained empty without anything in them – until now! Yes that’s right folks; now you too can go from Spendy Spenderson to Savey Saverson! Check out the latest and greatest addition to my blog – my handy dandy “Amazing Tools!” section. There’s also the wonderful “About John” section, and soon to be updated “Fun For Cheap!” and “Cheap Eats” section. I have a recipe for Dirty Whore Sangria to share, and it’s just as wonderful as it sounds.

See! I told you I would keep it short and to the point! Mind you, I have a lot of stuff written in other parts of the blog, but that doesn’t count you guys. I swear sometimes you guys are on my case too much.


Thanks for all the love and support!  


P.S. I have many friends in the blogging community so I though I would add another tab so that you can follow along with the awesome things that they all do too!

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  1. Thanks for the link Fritz. :) I hope you tackle cooking something. I think next up for me is bacon and peanut butter brownies. MMM HMM.